V Works Mobile Mix Concrete Uses

Batch Plant

When used as a mobile concrete batch plant, each V Works Mobile Mix Concrete truck can produce, at the job site, up to 60 cubic yards of high quality, fresh concrete per hour.

DIY projects 

DIY projects frequently have time constraints and unseen costs.  For the DIY’er purchasing 50lb, 60lb, and 80lb, bags of Cement or Concrete Mix requires a pickup truck and a strong back.  Concrete is heavy.  150 pounds per cubic foot. Let V Works do the heavy work. In addition, there are added costs of renting or buying a portable mini concrete mixer. Inexperienced mix designs frequently will not be as good, strong, or durable as V Works Mobile Mix Concrete

V Works can reduce customer stress, planning, labor, time, mixing, pouring, and the customer will know the concrete is mixed per specification.

Additional Uses:

  • Building pads
  • Slabs
  • Foundations
  • Walkways & Sidewalks
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Patios, Decks, RV pads
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Roads & curbs
  • Street & sidewalk repair
  • Trench fill/Controlled Density Fill/Flowable Fill
  • Fence Posts
  • Pole Barns
  • Thrust Blocks
  • Monuments
  • Utility Install
  • Water Main Replacement
  • Concrete Furniture/Tables
  • Precast Applications
  • Great for Remote Locations
  • Short Load Work
  • Wonderful for Do it Yourself Home Projects
  • Shotcrete/Gunite and Pool/Spa Work
  • Permeable Concrete
  • Sewer Repairs
  • Colored Concrete
  • Decorative and Architectural Concrete

Superior Quality Concrete because of Superior Materials